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by Valentin Diaconov
Body images and media in contemporary Russian art

Bronze, marble and granite bodies are a feature of nearly every post-Soviet city since the 1930s, and during the socialist times the wholeness of the human form was protected by ideological and stylistic censorship. This talk looks how new concepts of the body followed new situations of political and social life in the capitalist landscape of Russia's last 25 years, with a special emphasis on how the body is constructed in recent art.

Residency of Moscow based curator Valentin Diaconov in Бükü - bureau for cultural translations is supported by the Office for International Affairs of the City of Leipzig.

© Mikhail Maximov. MMTP. Obmyak. 2015. Video still
+ Finissage of Rona Sterns solo show 'In the Middle of the East'
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