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Photo: Raisan Hameed

Бükü–bureau for cultural translations offers a special walk in the City of Leipzig. The stories and discussions during the walk aim to switch the gaze from the male monuments to the female heroes. Observations, anecdotes and coincidences connected with the city’s history, and the female role within it, flow together. The premiere of the walk occurred during the summer of 2019 as a welcome gesture to participants of the Gender Summer School, organized by the Leipzig University. Months later, Olga and Kristina of Бükü will evaluate the researched stories with regard to ·the master program, Cultures of the Curatorial.

Kristina Semenova and Olga Vostretsova, both graduates from the master program Cultures of the Curatorial founded the art association Бükü – Bureau for Cultural Translations in Leipzig in 2014. The activities of the Бükü are focused on production, presentation, and reflection of contemporary art, which is implemented by discursive events, artist residencies and curated exhibitions of contemporary art. Since 2014, Бükü conducted several international projects in Leipzig and beyond, which include Moscow, Basel and Buenos Aires, among others.
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